Organic Paths (What does my shadow think?)     Caminos Orgánicos (¿Qué piensa mi sombra?)

Organic path: routine path that a human being takes during a period of his life in a specific space.

This project proposes an urban look at adolescence, inviting young people to look up from their cell phones and discover their neighborhood, their city.

Working together with ESO and Bachiller educational centers, the proposal progresses from the composition of stories written by the students (narrating their daily organic path) to the photographic exhibition that is the closing of the project and that captures the shadow of each teenager in the scenery they have chosen.

What does my shadow think? builds a bridge, using mediation and coworking, between education and art. But it also focuses on imperceptible details of our daily reality and extends beyond artistic photography, to anthropology, architecture or sociology.

The project was premiered in 2007 at Teatralia festival (Madrid), with a video production and the publication of the book What does my shadow think? (Edit. Kalandraka) and in 2022 it was held in El Prat de Llobregat (Teatre L’Artesà), in the format of a photographic exhibition.

Photographs on this page: Jordi Pla, 2007. / Photograph on the cover: David Airob, 2022.

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