Sound installation where music, mechatronics, drawing, theater and sound coexist. A symphony of sounds in six movements that covers six stages of life: gestation, birth, childhood, adolescence, maturity and return.

From a brain of extraordinary dimensions, full of automated drawers, words and phrases through sound and woven with it, will try to show and dialogue with the viewer about a vital experience as strong as motherhood and fatherhood. Their difficulties, fears, anxieties and, why not, also their laughter and joy.

The words and phrases that are part of the dramaturgy of this project have been offered by anonymous people and migrant groups from the city of Castellón, in an intercultural mediation work carried out by the journalist and writer Raul Riebenbauer with the collaboration and support of the Mediation Area of ​​the Castellón City Council.

Created in residence at the MUCBE in Benicarló and the Espacio Cultural El Convento de Viver, A PIE premiered at the EACC in Castellón in 2021 and has since been exhibited at the Temporada Alta festival (Girona), the Teatro Principal in Valencia, the Mostra d'Igualada and the TAC festival in Valladolid.

Technical and artistic sheet

  • Original idea, direction, set design and dramaturgy: José Antonio Portillo
  • Sound creation and music: Enric Monfort
  • Structure and mechatronics construction: Xavi García (Robottions)
  • Drawing and image design: Carmen Puchol
  • Sound artifacts: Enric Monfort, Nick Burge and José Antonio Portillo
  • Intercultural mediation: Raúl Riebenbauer
  • Sound solutions: Juanma Tuixans
  • Assembly technician: Marcos Orbegozo
  • Sound technician: Diego Barrachina
  • Executive production: Nuria Aparici (Unnica Arts)
  • Lighting design: Rodrigo Ortega
  • Photography, video and communication: Antonio Portillo and David Cárcel
  • Artistic advice: María Isabel Tejeda
  • Printing: Cambaluc
  • Computer Science: Jorge Aparici
  • Voices: Pau Pons and Jesús Muñoz
  • Voice recording: Estudi Entresol
  • Text translation: Josep Molés and Ana Aparici

Production: Temporada Alta Festival, EACC de Castelló, IVC and Diputació de Castelló.

Created in residence: MUCBE (Benicarló) and Espacio Cultural El Convento (Viver).

Collaborations: Castelló City Council, Robottions, Tuix&Ross, Hotel Voramar, Associations

(Cultural Chinese, Women from Mali, Gypsy, Latin American and Romanian) from Castellón and

anonymous people committed to the project.

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